Crafting A Morning Coffee Routine

Just because you’re in a hurry doesn’t mean you need to forego quality, and using a fancy French press doesn’t always mean tasty. Here is a quick rundown on some things you may consider when selecting a bean to fit your routine.

It’s not just caffeine, it’s a ritual.

We all have some sort of routine to ensure we can fit a tasty cup of joe into our busy schedules most days. Do you like to grab an espresso shot on the way to work? Maybe you’re the go-getter type to prepare your cold brew a day or week in advance! How about those beautiful aromas and flavors that require patience to achieve while crafting a slow pour-over?

History has proven that coffee is simply… worth it! For thousands of years’ humans have trekked through the wilderness and climbed mountains just to get a taste of the good stuff. While the process of roasting coffee beans may be humble, it’s an art form that keeps the world moving and bringing people together.

Do you have time for perfect coffee?

If you’re seeking “perfection” in your morning cup then, like most things in life, it will require some trial and error with a touch of extra time and patience.

There are many fun and affordable ways to prepare your favorite roast to perfection in the mornings. Pour overs, French presses, and aero presses are just a few of the methods you can use to spend some quality time with those beans in the am. If you’re willing to forego 3-7 minutes in your morning routine to achieve quality, then simply purchase your favorite fresh roasted bean and have it ground for whatever method above seems most appealing to you.

No Time? No Excuse.

The biggest challenge any person will face in finding the perfect cup to fit their morning routine simply boils downs to “lifestyle”. You must first start by evaluating your day-to-day routine. If you work long hours and need every second of sleep that the morning will allow, then you may consider faster alternatives to prepare your coffee in the mornings.

Kureig k-cup machines have become quite popular over the past decade, but there is still a lack of quality in the roasting and distribution processes in those little plastic cups. When time is of the essence, we always suggest investing $5 or so into a re-usable k-cup that you can pop a quick scoop of fresh grounds into while on the morning fly.

K-cups aren’t the only option though, as you can find other fun methods around Amazon and Youtube that’ll help guide you to set-up an affordable system to fit your needs.

Bean & Grind Matter.

Whether you’re seeking slow perfection or a quick quality cup on the go, selecting the proper bean and grind type to fit your preparation method will help ensure you’re able to achieve proper flavor notes. Try fresh beans from a nearby roaster and you will quickly taste the difference over pre-packaged coffee from the grocery store.

Sometimes it’s not the bean, it’s the user… If you feel you may not be doing something right, then simply try adjusting things such as coarseness of the grind and water temperature to achieve different flavor notes. Also, water that’s too hot, depending on the roast level, can cause rancid and bitter flavors, so don’t be scared to experiment and get to know your coffee.

We’re here to help make you a more knowledge coffee drinker and to hopefully get your mornings off to the right start! If you have any questions regarding this post or anything else coffee related, then shoot us a comment below or visit our “contact” page to email us.